Bunny Camp

Small Pet Boarding in Dorchester 


Terms and Conditions

All animals boarding with us must be in good health or any medical conditions brought to our attention. We are happy to assist with regular medication but we will do so after discussion and at your own risk. We reserve the right to refuse any pet if we feel it would be inappropriate to have them as guests.

Your pet(s) will not mix with any other animals whilst in our care.

We take every step possible to avoid animals becoming victims of fly strike – hutches are cleaned regularly and pets checked daily. We cannot be held responsible should your animal become a victim of fly strike. Please ensure your bunnies arrive with a clean bottom. During the Summer months, we can, with your permission, spray their bottoms with a preventative treatment.

Rabbits should have been vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD before arrival.

If your pet becomes ill whilst staying with us, we will get in touch with you straight away, or failing that, with your nominated emergency contact. If necessary, we will take them to their nominated vet, or our local vet. This service is free of charge, but any costs for the treatment by the vet must be met by you, the owner. Your pet will be treated under your name and address. You will be required to pay any of these extra costs when you collect your pet.

If your pet does become ill, please be assured that we will take very good care of them and show them every kindness until your return. We really will do everything possible to give them as much love, care and attention as you would wish for in your absence.

However, we do not accept liability in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or passes away whilst staying at Bunny Camp and all pets are left entirely at owner’s risk. We accept no liability for injury sustained by you whilst on our premises. 

You must agree to the above terms and conditions before leaving your pet/s with us.